Presenting the Circus MissFits

It's a band, it's a circus, it's a group of awesome girls that can accomplish anything! The Circus MissFits are 7 girls (4 professional performers and 3 youth apprentices) on a mission to bring the joy of circus and music to our local schools and community. Our 45-minute assembly show is a high-energy, fun-filled experience that is perfect for any school, club, or organization.

Directed by Kinetic Theory founder Stephanie Abrams, an award-winning performer and director, musical direction by former punk-rock guitarist Melissa A.Kaplan and featuring a cast of all-female circus performers ranging in age from 9-30+ that also double as the live band the Circus MissFits combine physical comedy, acrobatics, contortion, juggling and music to bring kids into a world where anything is possible.

Contact Stephanie for more info or to bring the the Circus MissFits to your school.