Do you do birthday parties or private events?
Yes. We offer unique party and event packages for kids and adults. Contact us to find out more about our party and event options.
Do I have to have gymnastics, dance or theatre experience to take classes?
No. All beginning level classes are open to anyone, there is no prerequisite. We help you get started on your training and help you build the skills you will need to improve.
Can I try out a class to see if I like it or if the class is appropriate for me or my child?
Yes. We offer free trial classes for toddler-youth. Adults who are new to our program can do a trial class for $35. Contact us to sign up for a trial class.
How do I know which class my child should take?
All youth classes are divided according to age. Youth ages 6-15 are grouped according to skill level. If your child has experience in gymnastics, dance, cheerleading, martial arts, ice skating or any other physical discipline or is an experienced actor contact us to set up an evaluation.
Is there an age limit for adult classes?
No. It's never too late to start! We can help you find a class that will be appropriate for your level of ability.
Do I have to start at the beginning level I have taken circus classes before or I am an experienced dancer, yoga practicioner, physical actor, etc.?
If you have years of experience in a physical discipline, you may be ready for more of a challenge. Entrance into intermediate and advanced level classes is by evalutation. We also have a performance training program for students that are interested in pursuing a performance career.
How many students are in a class?
All circus arts classes have an 8:1, student to teacher ratio. Some classes are capped at only 6 students. Theatre, mime and improvisation classes are open to larger groups.
How do I register for a class?
Call us and we can sign you up over the phone (310) 606-2617
Can I sign up in the middle of a session?
If the class is not full, you can sign up at any time and we prorate tuition accordingly. For some skill classes, enrollment periods are restricted due to demos performance preparations. Contact us to find out more.
What if I have to miss a class?
We offer two make-up classes per session. You can sign up do a make-up in the same class on another day or try another class of the same length, provided the class is not full.
Can I drop-in to a class without signing up for the whole session?
Drop-in classes are available, rates vary depending on the length of the class.
Does Kinetic Theory Circus Arts offer private lessons?
Yes. We offer private training sessions for individuals and small groups in all circus disciplines as well as mime, physical theatre, improvisation and creative movement.
Does Kinetic Theory Circus Arts do performances?
We regularly have performances where our students showcase their skills. The Kinetic Theory Experimental Theatre, our professional theatre ensemble, also performs regularly throughout the year. Contact us to find out when we are having our next performance.
Can I book a circus act for an event?
We provide professional quality entertainment for community events as well as private parties. We custom tailor the performance to fit the style and theme of your event. Contact us to inquire about booking a show.
Does Kinetic Theory Circus Arts have an academy or professional training program for serious students?
Yes. The performance troupe and training program is designed to help dedicated students perfect their skills while honing their craft as performers. Students in this program have regular opportunities to perform in community events as well as Kinetic Theory productions. Contact us for more information on auditioning.
How long does it take to become a professional circus artists?
We believe that the answer is different for each individual. But, it generally takes 5-10 years of serious training before reaching a professional level. Our program does not have a set time restriction. At KT you can start at a beginner level and work your way to the pre-professional troupe. Some of our pre-professional students come to us with years of skill training experience and only spend 8 months focusing on theatrical work while developing a strong solo act. Others start in our program as children, work hard to join the youth troupe, then move to the pre-professional troupe as teens and spend their high school years developing their repertoire before moving on to an international school or professional company. We help each performer create a custom curriculum plan that will help them achieve their goals. If you are interested in becoming a professional, we can help you no matter where you are in the process.
How can I rig a silk in my house/yard to practice on?
We do not recommend home training on aerial equipment, ever. You should always practice in a professional setting, under the supervision of a professional coach, on equipment that has been rigged and inspected by a professional rigger.