Kinetic Theory began in San Francisco, CA as a solo project of founder/artistic director Stephanie Abrams. Her goal was to express ideas on stage through the use of a movement based language comprised of mime and physical theatre, acrobatics and dance.

In 2000, Stephanie expanded the project and created Kinetic Theory Experimental Theatre, an ensemble theatre group dedicated to creating innovative new works through mime and movement. The company's first show, Stranger and Stranger, received public and critical acclaim at the 2001 San Francisco Fringe Festival and was honored with awards for "Best Mime ensemble" and "Best of Fringe".

In 2006, Stephanie moved to Los Angeles and, once again, the company evolved. Having spent the last 10 years of performing, coaching, directing and choreographing circus and theatre, Stephanie was driven to introduce LA to her unique approach to circus training and created the Kinetic Theory Circus Arts program.

Today, Kinetic Theory is both a circus theatre school and a professional theatre company, still dedicated to pushing the limits and exploring the possibilities of mime and physical theatre.